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Please see below a course outline of our ‘Drink Beer Be Healthy' program:-


Prior to starting program - Individual Health checks, participation questionnaires focused on why their health is important, what they are wanting to change, which will support them and how to take the first steps. Introducing the food diary and setting SMART goals around food, exercise, work and play..


Module 1 - The science of successful change – whether you are trying to change a habit in your work or personal life, you’ll receive benefits on both fronts. Mindset, Willpower and Behavioural change – becoming aware and unlocking the patterns of ‘why you do what you do’. Creating vital behavioural changes for a healthier you.

Science based facts on Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke and how they all are closely linked to lifestyle choices, especially around the subject of what we eat and what exercise we choose to do or not do. Introducing some simple nutrition facts and breakfast, lunch and dinner eating tips including ways of controlling portions and how they impact the body and affect day to day function and productivity in the workplace.


Module 2 - Unveiling eye opening facts on the hidden sugars, fats and salt consumed in our everyday foods and drinks including alcohol and how they impact the body, its function and put us at higher risk of becoming ill and developing chronic illness. Solutions to healthier alternatives and how to improve without removing or restricting altogether. Re-measure and weigh ins of the individuals in the group.


Module 3 - How to read and understand food labels, what does it all mean. How to make better choices when buying packaged and processed foods. Offering easy to make healthy snack ideas for the office/ and/or drive to and from work to help with overeating at meal times.


Module 4 - Focus here is on social eating. - personal and work life. Facts on Kilojoules, Calories, Daily intakes (energy in energy out). Re-measure and weigh-ins of the individuals in the group.


Module 5 - Breakfast, lunch and dinner – group exercise and how to make them healthier, offering alternatives and solutions. Plate Model concept. Stress, sleep, relaxation techniques


Module 6 – Physical Activity – importance of why exercise, benefits, Resistance to start something and how to motivate to begin. What to eat before and after exercise Discuss the dilemma around health problems from sitting for long periods of time and simple tips to improve in the work place. Demonstration of exercises with group participation followed with a series of stretches.

Module 7 – Progress so far, time to reflect. How to stay focused on health and wellness progress and goals. Re- measure and weigh ins of the individuals in the group.


Program Options:-

  • 2 x Full Day Intensive 
  • 2 x Days (Split into 2 x  1 day workshops over a month)
  • 7 x 1.5 hour Modules in total (1 x module delivered every fortnight for 1 hour group coaching sessions – 14 weeks in total to complete the program)

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