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The superiority of organic produce as compared to conventional, has been strongly debated for years. A number of studies suggest that organics may have the upper hand when it comes to nutritional benefits, however numerous other studies exist refuting this. 

An October 2007 study in the medical journal Hypertension showed a link between lack of sleep and high blood pressure, especially in females. Women who routinely slept six hours a night had a 42 per cent higher chance of developing high blood pressure than those who received seven or more hours sleep.

So an easy way to help prevent hypertension is to get more sleep!

What's better than a delicious warm cup of cocoa on a chilly day? 

Looks like a warm cup of raw cacao is!

Unlike cocoa (coco), raw cacao is produced using unroasted cocoa beans, which are then cold-pressed. This process is believed to keep the valuable enzymes still intact within the cocoa, whilst removing the cacao butter or fat.

Australians consume, on average, around 40 kg of refined sugar per person per year – more than is considered healthy. This is equivalent to a daily intake of 22 teaspoons sugar; and provides some 440 calories or 1840 kilojoules each day – a significant amount in weight control & preventing chronic disease terms. Cutting the intake by at least half would be reasonable and worthwhile for a healthier lifestyle. Even better still, remove as much processed food and drinks as possible, fresh is always best. When going to the supermarket make sure you eat before going to prevent temptation and stick to peripheral aisles avoiding most packaged and highly processed foods where you can.

The greater the surface area of potato exposed to fat or oil, the higher the fat content and calories.

Potato example:

Whole Potato (100g) –            Og Fat – 70Cals/290kj

Roasted Potato (100g) –         5g Fat – 140Cals/585kj

Fries (Large cut, 100g) –        12g Fat – 220Cals/1020kj

Fries (Small 100g) –                15g Fat – 290Cals/1210kj

Potato Chips (100g) –              30g Fat – 500Cals/2090kj

A very interesting article. By all means eat some Chia seeds but remember, it takes a lot more than just eating these for  healthy and sustainable life change!

Coach Deb

Deb’s Favourite Healthy Affirmations

If you're making an effort to get fit and shed a few kilos, make exercise a part of everyday life as well as setting aside time to work out. At work, rather than taking the lift to the office, use the stairs every time. Don't email a colleague three cubicles down, get up and walk over to deliver your message. On the way home, get off the bus three stops early and walk the rest of the way, and get up to change the TV channel rather than using the remote.

You won't really notice the incidental exercise, but every little bit of expended energy counts towards the daily number of kilojoules burnt, leading to a fitter body.

When setting out to make changes in any area of life, we all need some inspiration. We like the saying "It takes motivation to start, and habit to continue" so search for your own favourite quotes and stick them up on your fridge, desk or mirror - anywhere that's visible on a daily basis.

Many people regularly consume products full of artifcial sweeteners, believing if something has "no sugar" then it must be better for you in terms of weight loss. Diet soft drinks, cordials, chewing gum, protein bars, desserts, sweets, the list is growing.

Artificial sweeteners are thousands of times sweeter than regular sugar, which actually leads to more intense cravings and a desire to eat more, studies have shown. What many don't realise is that there's nothing wrong with sugar, as long as it's in moderation. A slice of cake with friends now and then should be savoured, not replaced with "fake" food. Choose natural sweeteners for a hint of flavour, such as 1/2 teaspoon honey in tea, or a drizzle of maple syrup on porridge or use agave nectar in baking. I guarantee you'll enjoy your food more, and be satisfied without having to reach for a second (or third) slice....

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